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A blue ribbon.....

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A blue ribbon.....

A professor was in the habit of giving his students a little
gift at the end of the school year - a blue ribbon with the
words "Who I Am Makes A Difference®" printed in gold letters
on the ribbon.

As she gave each student their ribbon she explained why he had
appreciated teaching them, and why his course had been different
because that particular student had been present.

One day it occurred to her to see what effect this little
custom would have on the community. She gave each student 3
blue ribbons instead of one, and told each of them to give one
ribbon to someone they knew who, in their opinion "made a
She also told them to give the 2 other ribbons to that same
person, with instructions to hand them out to others who had
made a difference. After that the students were to come back
and report what happened.

One student who had a part-time job gave his ribbon to his boss,
a grumpy fellow who nevertheless appreciated the honor.

"I admire everything you've done," the student said to his boss.
"I think you're a creative genius and a real fair guy. Will you
allow me to pin this blue ribbon on your jacket as a sign of
my appreciation?"

The boy's boss was surprised but also pleased. "Yeah, sure,
why not?" he said.

"And will you take these 2 other ribbons," the student continued,
"and give them to someone you think makes a difference, like I did
for you? It's for a project we're doing at school."

"All right," the boss replied.

That night the boss returned home wearing the purple ribbon
on his jacket. He greeted his 14 year old son and said,
"Something strange happened to me today. One of my employees
gave me this ribbon. See what's written on it? 'Because you
make a difference.' He gave me another ribbon just like it
and told me to give it to someone who's made a difference for me,
someone who is very special and means a lot to me.

"I had a pretty hard day, but on the way home I said to myself,
'There's only one person I want to give this ribbon to.' I know
I tell you off a lot because you don't work hard enough at school,
because all you think about is going out and having fun with your
friends, because your room's always a mess... But tonight I want
to tell you that you are very very important to me. You and your
mother make all the difference in my life, and I'd like you to
accept this blue ribbon as a sign of my love. I don't tell you
I love you very often, not nearly enough, I know. But I do love
you, and I think you're a wonderful kid!"

As soon as he stopped talking his son burst into tears. His
whole body shook with sobs. His father took him in his arms and
held him close, saying, "That's okay, it's all right. Did I say
something wrong?"

"No Dad." his son replied, "It's just that... I decided I was
going to kill myself. I was going to do it tomorrow. I had it
all planned out. I wanted to kill myself because I was sure you
didn't like me, even though I tried hard to be good. Now that's
all changed..."
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Re: A blue ribbon.....

Hii  Jithagnair ,

Its really a very great story. We all do the same mistake which the father of that boy did. We all are so busy with our lives that we forget to express our emotions our loved ones.

We all need to learn this.
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Re: A blue ribbon.....

Once again its proved that "Actions speak louder than words"

Few words of love and compassion can take off all the frustation from one's life. Lets try tp practice this with each and everyone of whom we know.

Lets bring the difference...


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Re: A blue ribbon.....


Really good story teaches us lots of things.