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Theme of the Week [Recruitment] - Harward Review
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*Claudio Fernandez-Araoz, Hiring without firing, Harvard Business Review 77 (4), 108-120, Jul/Aug 1999

Hiring executives has always been a daunting task, and today's economy makes it tougher than ever. The global scope and breakneck pace of business, the shrinking supply of candidates and the constant shift of organizational structures have increased the stakes exponentially. One wrong hire can quickly derail a company. The 10 common hiring traps, and many real-world examples of how those traps have scuttled business plans, are discussed and ways to sidestep them examined.

*Warren Bennis; James O'Toole, Don't hire the wrong CEO, Harvard Business Review May/Jun 2000, 78 (3), 170-176

A disturbing trend is going on in corporate America - CEO churning. Top executives are rapidly coming and going, keeping their jobs for increasingly shorter periods of time. The reason? Most boards are so unclear about the definition of leadership, they are picking the wrong people. Boards can reverse the trend by following several guidelines. First, boards must come to a shared, accurate definition of leadership.

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