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Authorization for Job Descriptions

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Authorization for Job Descriptions

Hello Everyone,

I am currently developing Job Descritpitons for around 50 positions in our organization. Being in the final stage of completion I have a big challenge to face and that is getting these Job Descriptions authorized by our Executive Team (VPs and Sr. VPs).

(The Job Desciptions have been created by interviewing an employee representative and their reporting manager).

The reporting structure in our organization in Hierarchical. We have varied positions which report to Team Managers, Managers, Directors and VPs.

Our HR Departments is of the opinion that we need to get the Job Descriptions authorized by the VPs before they are used to evaluate the positions.

I have put together a Job Description Authorization Plan for this purpose which is briefly outlined below....YOUR VIEWS/SUGGESTIONS/THOUGHTS would be highly appreciated. PLEASE BE A DEVIL'S ADVOCATE AND LET ME KNOW HOW FAR THIS WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL!


- Send a Memo to each VP outlining all the positions in their department and their respective reporting Managers.

- VPs have two options
1.They may wish to review all the Job Descriptions of the postions in their department. If so they personally sign all of them (instead of the Managers or Directors who though have participated in the process when they were interviewd during the Job Descritption creation process)

2.If the VPs wish or want the Directors or Managers to authorize the Job Descritptions then they must sign an authorization form (which outlines all the positions in their dept.) acknowledging that they agree with the Director's or Managers's auhthorization (In this case respective Directors or Managers would sign the Job Descriptions.)

- Once the Memo is sent to the VPs they should be asked to send an email to HR stating whether they want to authorize all the Job Descriprions or not
- If yes send them all the Job Descriptions
- If no send Job Descriptions to respective Managers and Directors and the Auhtorization Form to VP.

Thank you all in advance for taking time to review.