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Hi all,

We now just  crossed Diwali and disbursed huge amount as bonus, by most  of the employers.

Here, so many people have wrongly understood in the recent enactment, the bonus limitation has been increased to Rs.10000/-, which I feel sorry, which is not the case, i believe.

The Govt. is seriously considering the eligibility criteria instead of present Rs.3500/- to be enhanced to Rs.10000/-, because of which a person drawing a (basic+DA) salary more than Rs.3500/- also will be eligible for the minimum bonus of Rs.2500/-, by increasing this limitation, as per Govt. policy beneficieries will be more.

So far the bonus limit of Rs.2500/- has not been increased to Rs.10000/-, instead the salary limitation has been increased to Rs.10000/- i.e. whoever drawing salary upto Rs.10000/- are also coming under eligible category.