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Are you Metro-Spiritual ?
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You don’t have to chant and pray all day to find your spirituality quotient. And it’s not about visiting a temple or prostrating before a deity either, claim some spiritually-inclined Mumbaikars. They find their ‘metro-spiritual’ quotient in the mundane routine of everyday life. Metro-spirituality is simply a way of being ‘spiritual’ that becomes possible within a complex, creative, pluralistic (postmodern) urban environment.

A bed of roses
“I never believed in visiting temples,” says 40-year-old housewife Seema Gupte, “but I do believe in God.” Spirituality, for her, is relaxation of the mind and believing in a stronger force. “Gardening is one of my passions,” she says, “not only does it help me relax, but it also strengthens my belief that there is a God who makes beautiful things grow.”

Yogic gyan
Rajiv Mehta, a 28-year-old banker, believes spirituality is all about introspection, confidence and being a better person. “You don’t really have to believe in God to be spiritual,” says Mehta. “I have been practising yoga for the last three years and that has inculcated a degree of spirituality in me.” Practising yoga for an hour every day at dawn helps Mehta channelise his energy more productively. “Yoga has dual benefits,” he explains, “it keeps you physically fit as well as helps you recharge your batteries, which is what spirituality is about.”

Dance therapy
Dance is another popular form many indulge in to seek spirituality. “For me, spirituality is what I feel when I am dancing,” says 30-year-old interior designer Shailja Mehta. Three hours of riyaz to the beats of Carnatic tunes leaves Mehta feeling closer to the force above. “When I dance to the melodious notes, it leaves me feeling energised and I begin to see things in a whole new light. It’s also my homage to my guru and my God.”

Puppy love
For some like Anuj Thakkar, it’s not about being involved in activities or undertaking tasks. Spirituality for him lies in the eyes of his pet dog! “Every time I look into the eyes of my eight-month-old puppy Sasha, I believe there is something and someone special and that is spirituality for me,” he says. Though he wouldn’t like to label his belief as faith in ‘God’, he says, “There is a force or someone up there who makes our lives special.” Sasha for him is an embodiment of this. “My time spent with Sasha is special and he helps me unwind, take stock of my life and my work and care about others - By Shalinee Chowdhury