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Attributes that HR Managers are looking for..

Deployment of an employee to a new role and employee recruitment are high-priority tasks of the human resource manager on account of the huge power vested in the hands of the work force in deciding the future of the business. The employees posted must possess the qualities desirable to the role. Human resource managers are always on the look out for specific attributes suited for the role and other general attributes.

Employee experience and the domain knowledge are the specific attributes that are to be scrutinised. Experience is the knowledge gained by the employee over the past years of employment which can add to the current role in question. The recruit should be capable of employing the expertise acquired from the past experiences in a way to suit the present task. His educational background and the working knowledge are important in recruitment.

The personal disposition plays a crucial part in employee recruitment. The HR department is to keep a close watch on the individuality of the person. He should possess a pleasing character and must be courteous. He should be energetic and enthusiastic in performing the task. He must have confidence in himself and the drive to push him as well as the team members in the right direction. The employee should have realistic and positive attitude towards life. A negative attitude is contagious and can result in a huge loss for the business entity. The probable recruit must be innovative, creative and must harbour an analytical mind to recognise and understand the various aspects of a problem. He must have the maturity, confidence and experience to take quick rational decisions during the time of crisis.

To take an intelligent decision the employee should be a quick learner and must keep pace with the technological and other changes happening around him. He should be convinced of his strengths and weakness and confident about his ability in exonerating himself from the negative threats. Understanding the role played by being a good listener in self development is important. He accepts his mistakes and possesses the will power to prevent them from recurring. Control over technical knowledge is another attribute verified by the HR manager.

The employees must be ethical and must stand to their conscience in adverse situations. A highly ethical employee wins the trust of his fellow mates. Control over the emotions is another attribute looked for by the HR manager. The employee should always maintain his calm and composure even when circumstances force otherwise. The individual should be able to communicate the required subject in a way such that it is rightly understood by the audience.

The employee must be highly organised in his actions. He should possess the ability to manage the time effectively so that the balancing of work-life is done with ease. He should be capable of delegating the functions and must give the necessary authority to perform them. He must also be able to perform more than one function efficiently whenever situation calls for it. Dedication to the work performed is another attribute analysed.

Though the attributes looked for by the HR managers are wide and varied, in nutshell, the employees have to possess domain knowledge and a good personality.

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