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Walking the talk for Managers

Every job requires the support and strength of the employees to succeed in its performance. A good manager is to ensure that the employees exhibit the willingness to accomplish what is expected of them by putting all their efforts to the task in hand. The level of support and the degree of performance is dependent on how far the expectations are met by the manager. A good manager guides his team by “walking the talk”. Walking the talk could be stated as practicing what you preach.

A good leader should drive the team forward by setting himself as an example which can be modelled by the team members. The first step involved includes understanding the steps to perform a job by the manager himself. He should evaluate the job and execute it in the best possible way. Before the allocation of the task, to make it effective, the manager should consult with the actual doers to identify the best way of doing the job. A discussion on the same will aid in discarding the unnecessary motions that could otherwise have been introduced into the system. Ensuring participation of the employees can go a long way in successful implementation. A supportive team leader is a role model who by his actions represents the need for participative management.

A good manager should be open to changes in the system. Failure on the part of the manager to accept the changes and implement it will ruin the chances for achieving the expected goals. The manager must be supportive to the employment of the modifications and must follow it if he is to propel his team forward.

To build the commitment from his team, he must encourage his group to bring out suggestions on various changes that has to be made through group discussions. A good communication system is a prerequisite for marching the team to the company goals. Team meetings at regular intervals to discuss on the matters related to the job and its processes helps to create a feeling of oneness with the organisation. Opportunity to voice out one’s needs and watching it being introduced is a positive driver to achievement. The suggestions put forth must be screened by the team to identify its strengths and for the removal of the negative impact on the group actions. Recognition of the need for evaluating the pros and cons together makes the team more creative, thus assisting in personal and organisational success.

A team leader should be guided by a personal goal and he should strive to ensure that the activities performed by him are channelled towards it. The team considers a visionary leader as a role model and they try to ape his movements by setting their personal goals and working towards it. The leader should encourage the employee actions by applauding on the valuable contributions made by the employee. A leader who attempts to implement what he expects from the team encourages the team members to set examples to others.

Setting achievable targets, striving towards it and encouraging others to model him is the task of a good manager. To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “become the change you wish to see in the world”.

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