Ideas for Good Manufacturing Practices
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Ensuring the quality of goods manufactured is extremely important for the viability of the business. Such quality has to be consistent in the long run, and should conform to the quality standards of the industry that have been laid down by the law. Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP is a method by which manufacturing units, especially in pharmacy, ensure quality assurance of the manufactured medicines. Apart from conforming to quality standards, the medicines also match their intended usage. These practices not only define quality control in terms of actual production but also identify other areas of quality control like personnel and processes, which are required to ensure complete quality assurance. H

Here are some simple ideas that you need to follow to ensure that these practices are viable and profitable.

  • Clarify the roles of employees
    When creating good manufacturing practices, one of the most important rules that you need to implement, is with regard to clarifying the roles of your employees. In other words, it is important to ascertain who does what and define it clearly. This includes defining the job title, objective, skills required, as well as the duties and responsibilities of the individual. It is important to ensure that there is no gap or overlapping in the responsibilities being allotted to your employees.

  • Documentation of procedures 
    When manufacturing products, it is important to ensure that all the procedures used for its manufacture are clearly written down. This enables future employees to find relevant information on their own, in case no senior member of the team is available for consultation. Writing down procedures in a clear and concise form is an integral part of good manufacturing practices. You could always hire an independent professional to help you with this, as it would also help in reviewing these procedures for any challenges or other issues. Once these procedures are documented, make sure that every team follows them thoroughly. This also helps ensure that no team takes any short cuts with production, which could affect the product’s final quality.

  • Training and development of staff
    For the overall quality of your batch to remain consistent, it is important to employ people who have the required skills and expertise. Additionally, you should also provide the required equipment necessary for them to do their job. Training is extremely essential to ensure good manufacturing practices in your company. Untrained personnel should never be allowed near any batches, unless absolutely unavoidable, as this may end up doing more harm than good. Similarly, it is important to review the performance of your personnel regularly to ensure that they are capable of doing the job.

  • Good hygiene
    Given that these are extremely critical products, it is important to reduce the risk of contamination during the manufacturing process by ensuring proper hygiene. Not only does the manufacturing unit have to be clean and well maintained, but the importance of personal hygiene of your staff members, who are taking the responsibility of the manufacturing process, should also be emphasized. Protective garments, ensuring that there is no smoking or eating in the manufacturing zone, removal of trash etc are some handy facts that you can keep in mind while designing your GMPs.. 

There are several factors that influence the creation of good manufacturing practices in any company. Given that quality is the key, it is always good to design and maintain your unit to adhere to top quality standards. 


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