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Attrition rate for high performers
Human Resources » Attrition and Retention

Chrm Message From: tef Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 04/08/2009
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 04/08/2009 03:03:18 Points: 15 Location: Singapore

Can anyone advise which of the following is the market practise for calculating the attrition rate for high performers:


1. (Number of high performers who left in a year / Number of high performers) * 100

2. (Number of high performers who left in a year / Total number of departures) * 100

Chrm Message From: rkuppili Total Posts: 121 Join Date: 04/08/2009  
Rank: Leader Post Date: 04/08/2009 06:45:11 Points: 605 Location: Singapore

Hi, i guess if you are looking for the attrition rate specifically for high performers, then the first seems to be more accurate. So, go with this:

Number of high performers who left in a year  *100
Number of high performers in that year

In general, the overall organizational attrition is calculated by the second formula.



Chrm Message From: senthil.m Total Posts: 43 Join Date: 04/08/2009  
Rank: Executive Post Date: 04/08/2009 07:00:11 Points: 215 Location: Singapore

We generally calculate the attrition rate by this formula : No of Voluntary Exits / End of Month Headcount * 100%

Chrm Message From: Jyoti Rani Total Posts: 67 Join Date: 04/08/2009  
Rank: Manager Post Date: 04/08/2009 13:02:34 Points: 335 Location: Singapore
Hi All,

As per me, Senthil is correct in terms of general calculation of attrition and 1. is correct in terms of specific calculation for high performer attrition.

Chrm Message From: tef Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 04/08/2009  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 05/08/2009 02:36:55 Points: 15 Location: Singapore
Thanks all for your reply. 
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