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What type of questions should be included in an HR Customer Satisfaction Survey ?
A Human Resource survey is an important part of the functions of a human resource department. Just as all service providers need to know the level of satisfaction of their customers, the human resource department needs to know the level of satisfaction of its customers, namely, the employees in the
What should, and should not, be included in the personnel file ?
A personnel file is a record or compilation of all information that is related to an employee. The information starts from the date of recruitment. The information is generally identified by the name of the person or by a special number. It is also a comprehensive listing of all the information rega
What should be considered in making the decision to Outsource ?
Outsourcing involves purchasing the services of a different company or a firm to do the functions in an organization that are not considered to be a part of the core competency. For instance the organization can outsource the catering, office maintenance, data entry, transport etc to external agenci
What questions should we avoid asking during an interview ?
An interview is an opportunity for the employer and the potential employee to get to know each other. The employer seeks to find the attitude, skills and the signs of a great performer in the candidate. Similarly, the candidate tries to find out the expectation of the organization and the work cultu
What is Variable Pay ?
The problem of productivity and employee is a prime concern of companies. Variable pay which is otherwise known as “pay-for-performance is popular in the corporate world of today. By ensuring that two employees with different efficiency do not get the same remuneration, the company rewards pro
What is TQM ?
TQM stands for Total Quality Management. It is a management strategy that seeks to instil a sense of quality in all the processes within an organization. It is extensively used in the fields of education, government, manufacturing etc. TQM creates a platform within the organization where everyone ca

What is the difference between Manager and Leader ?
The difference between managers and leaders is not easily apparent and the fine line that demarcates the two is not clearly visible to all. And in many situations the line gets blurred so that a manager and a leader often have similar functions. A manager is a person who coordinates people and resou
What is the difference between Employee Handbook and Policy Manual ?
An employee handbook is a document that contains information about the procedures, guidelines, regulations pertaining to a company in a concise manner. Employee handbooks are provided to new employees to help them better understand the company and its policies. It helps the employees understand the
What is the difference between Cost to the Company and Gross Salary ?
The salary offered by a particular job is the most important part of evaluating any job offer. It is also important when planning to leave a company to fully understand the full scope of compensation in the present company. However, surprisingly, most people are not able to properly understand a sal
What is Temp Staffing and Contract Staffing ?
Temp Staffing is a method of staffing in organization where the employee is recruited on a temporary basis from another organization that provides manpower. He is not on the payroll of the company. The salary and benefits to a temporary staffer are paid by the staffing company i.e. the company that
What is Succession Planning ?
Succession planning can be defined as the procedure of identifying potential leaders in an organization to fill important positions in the near future. It is important for any organizations to find the right people who will fill key positions. Organizations can be extremely selective when it comes t
What is Six Sigma ?
Six Sigma is a methodology designed to control variations that result in defects. In Six Sigma a defect is any thing that is outside customer specification. The Six Sigma method was pioneered by Bill Smith of Motorola. To qualify for Six Sigma a system must demonstrate a defect level of 3.4 defects

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