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Appraisals at the Workplace
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Chrm Message From: harish.m Total Posts: 31 Join Date: 22/11/2006
Rank: Executive Post Date: 29/12/2010 04:26:08 Points: 155 Location: United States

Dear Friends,

Systems which aim to improve workforce performance have been around since Roman times, when liberal use of the whip was considered an enlightened management technique. However, these days there are workplace directives against beating your staff and so you have to find substitutes. The nasty memo, the e-mail from the boss or that old chestnut, the shouting match in the corridor are all very well, but nothing beats a good Performance Appraisal to strike real fear into them.

In truth, the above way of looking at things has gone the way of the Roman Empire (we hope), but vestigial feelings that appraisal systems exist as a tool of aggression are common in many workplaces. We believe that more often than not, this stems from a lack of understanding amongst both management and staff of the underlying purpose of the appraisal.

That fundamental purpose of any performance appraisal is simply to help. To help the individual understand their role, to help them maximise their chances of success within the working environment, to help plan their career and to help the company succeed. If everyone in the organisation is aware of this, and accepts it to be true, then something wonderful starts to happen.

Staff feel more at ease because they work for a company that helps them do their job. They feel more empowered because they know there is help at hand and most importantly, their performance improves because they have a better understanding of roles and expectations.

Each performance management appraisal system will be different, because each company is different. However, there are some key elements which will appear in every well constructed system. The checklist below lists these factors. Check them against your own appraisal system to see if you are getting the very best from your staff.

An appraisal system should have the full support of senior management. Without this, the system will eventually collapse.

The appraisal system should first have been piloted and then reviewed.

The intentions of the appraisal system should be clearly communicated to all staff.

All staff should have training in appraisal techniques. Interviewing skills, giving feedback and objective setting are all elements that require training to be carried out effectively.

The system should enable all staff to have clearly established aims and objectives that are linked with the business strategy.

The appraisal system should follow a cycle of defining the performance that is required, measuring and evaluating it, giving feedback and sharing information with other parts of the organisation.

The appraisal system should have simple and easily understood documentation supporting it.

The appraisal system should not be a part of the standard disciplinary procedures of the company.

The system should be adaptable and encompass all levels of staff in the organisation.

The appraisal system must be subject to ongoing monitoring, review, evaluation and updating. Remember, that as your business evolves, so must your appraisal procedures.



Chrm Message From: BhavaniMM Total Posts: 3 Join Date: 22/11/2006  
Rank: Beginner Post Date: 22/01/2012 23:13:01 Points: 15 Location: United States

Thanks for the good post

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