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Praise Sandwhich - Feedback Technique
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Chrm Message From: kjhaveri Total Posts: 26 Join Date: 14/11/2006
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Patrick Moore, in his book - " Feedback - The Black Box " has said as below :-

Feedback helps people, teams or organisations to understand whether they are doing a good job or if there are areas in which they can improve. Feedback can be positive or negative, so the way in which feedback is given is extremely important. It can build confidence and competence if given appropriately, but if given badly it can have a negative impact. Managers are often criticised by employees for giving negative feedback yet not giving feedback when there is something positive to say. We all like to be thanked or recognised for a good piece of work!

"Praise Sandwich" is a technique used by many managers - praise for some aspects of work well done, followed by constructive discussion of areas of weakness and then praise for strengths to finish off.

Any comments ?


Kamlesh Jhaveri

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