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Beliefs Direct Your Life

The day we are born into this world we are born as natural “Clean Slate”. As time progresses we become governed in the way that society teaches us what they think should be right from the start. It begins with naming the strange faces to giving meaning to what to the child are strange noises. This slowly graduates to directing and patterning our lives and a good example of this is the statement that “Do this” or "You can't do that" but in fact as “clean slate” the mind has unlimited potential. Have you ever noticed how a young child is before they are set into a routine set by society’s belief system?

Human beings are born with amazing potential. With time opportunities convert the potentials into happenings. It has direct relevance to our belief system. What is this belief system after all?

Belief is usually defined as a conviction to the truth of a proposition. Beliefs can be acquired through perception, contemplation or communication. In the psychological sense, belief is a representational mental state that takes the form of a propositional attitude.

Many beliefs are rooted in upbringing. During childhood, our environment such as parents, family, teachers and peers have great influence over us. We accept beliefs taught to us by others. Most of these beliefs are internalized without questioning the same.

The classic example of this is can reach the unreachable object and touch the untouchable object and yet we don't understand how they got the object. This happens when the act of performance preludes the belief.

Our beliefs are sum of the total part of who we are; they help form our character and show what we stand for. Still often we can't explain why we believe what we do.

A strongly held faith or belief about something will bring it into our reality. Our thoughts and beliefs control our actions, and those in turn magically bring people and events into our lives that can direct our dreams and desires.

I remember that when I was a child of five, when I first noticed my unchained abilities and when I used my abilities I was directed "no" or "you can't do that". By no intent do we are questioning the intentions of those who direct and discipline our thoughts and lives. They may be stemming from a different root altogether. Never the less the listening to that alone, we are repressing our true nature. We have to find a median between “conform to the social order around me and conform to my natural ability”.

The question that we must find an answer to is : Do your beliefs support you or limit you? It’s the rigid or limited thinking that leads to stagnation, and creates poor communication and understanding. It hinders progress in achieving goals, or enjoying satisfying relationships.

We are told to believe in ourselves, but until we know what we believe in, how can we believe in ourselves? Defining and understanding your belief system is basic to establishing your intentional identity and potential.

Your potential depends on the perceptions that you form about your abilities, understanding beliefs helps you paint clearer pictures for a more rewarding life.

A firmly rooted belief system helps you build your dreams, make tough decisions and get you through challenging times. You will begin to understand what you stand for, what you need to change, and what you need to discard to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Believing in who you are and your abilities frees you to pursue goals and dreams without reservation and drives you forward with confidence, independence, autonomy, and direction.

Your thoughts and beliefs become your reality, so choose wisely. Living in harmony with your beliefs is the secret to accomplishing great things.

Author : Ajit Onawale

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